As some of you might know, our new album has been spreading all over the Internet. I have different opinions about that. It’s good that a lot of people get to hear us. But we don’t get any money from our hard work. I hear many people that says that bands will only receive money from gigs and merchandise but small bands sometimes only receive two beer and a pizza as payment. How could anyone afford to start a band in the future? Anyway, there’s two new reviews at our website and we’re booked to play on a event called rock 4 children’s rights in Haninge, Sweden. It’s going to be a great party and all the income goes to a good thing. Can you believe it!? Drinking beer and doing charity at the same time. NICE!

I just saw that we’re the 9th most requested band at Epic Rock radio. Fucking Awesome!
Keep spreading the word of twins crew.
/ Dennis